Theta Mom® Media is a full service digital marketing and social media consulting company. Come see why business owners are collaborating with Theta Mom® Media to build quality relationships, refine business goals, network with digital influencers and engage directly with consumers while developing an effective online presence which increases brand visibility.

  • Digital Marketing: Full service social media consulting including the development of a comprehensive social media strategy for each client based on specific business goals and needs
  • Brand Strategy: Targeting and connecting with digital influencers, integrating high-performing blogger outreach and specializing in Brand Ambassador Programs
  • Community Building & Management: Utilizing, managing and successfully maintaining small business and corporate Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts through various platforms
  • Content Creation & Content Marketing: Professional blog development, blog assessment, blog management, writing and editing services
  • Custom Media Campaign Development: Designing and implementing unique digital media campaigns to generate long-term attention to a specific product and/or service
  • Virtual Events: Twitter parties, giveaways and online promotional campaigns
  • Online Marketing: Generating brand exposure through premium homepage ad space at Theta Mom® and creating specific brand messaging through The Marketplace including a full sponsorship which supports and promotes women-owned brands
  • Local Offline Special Events (NYC/NJ): Creating and implementing successful offline events to help properly market the product, service, and/or business to a specific audience

Are you still not sure exactly what your business needs? Contact Theta Mom® Media at: media {at} thetamom {dot} com to set up a free 30 minute consultation so we can better understand your business and evaluate your goals and needs. We look forward to working with you!